Chimney Flue New Jersey

Chimney Flue New Jersey

If you're looking for specialized chimney flue or fireplace liner installation services in New Jersey, you've found it. Our chimney professionals specialize in replacing and installing new chimney flue and fireplace liners.
A properly installed chimney liner is a must if you plan on using your fireplace over the winter, because it keeps your chimney clean, prevents corrosion and most importantly keeps your home safe.
The liner protects the house from heat transfer to combustibles. It also protects the masonry from the corrosive byproducts of combustion. In the tests it was determined that if the flue gases were allowed to penetrate to the brick and mortar, the result would be a reduction in the usable life of the chimney.
The flue gases are acidic in nature and literally eat away at the mortar joints from inside the chimney. As the mortar joints erode, heat transfers more rapidly to the nearby combustibles and dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide can leak into the living areas of the home.

Every Chimney Needs a Chimney Flue

If you have a fireplace and chimney system, you must have a chimney liner! Chimney flue liners are standard in chimneys today and are required by most fire codes. Without a properly functioning chimney liner, you’re setting yourself up for serious chimney damage and serious danger!

What Does A Chimney Flue Do?

A chimney liner’s main purpose is to protect the masonry structure from the heat and combustible byproducts that come with a fire. Without it, your masonry would quickly deteriorate, and nearby combustibles would be exposed to dangerous temperatures. Additionally, an unlined chimney will encourage creosote to build up more rapidly on the uneven surface of the masonry, and will allow dangerous gases and smoke to seep into your home. Creosote is an organic, tar-like substance that is deposited on the inside of your chimney as the smoke that carries it cools while moving up the chimney. Once enough of this builds up, a stray spark or the heat of the fire itself can ignite it and quickly lead to a house fire.

The Two Types Of Chimney Flue

Clay Tiles:

Clay tile liners are quite common among chimneys, as they are customizable and readily available. While they are not bad chimney liners, they do have some disadvantages:Clay tiles are highly susceptible to damage as a result of changes in temperature. Over time, these tiles have a tendency to crack and fracture, negating their effectiveness and exposing the masonry underneath.They can also allow combustible byproducts to get into cracks and seams, which can cause problems for a masonry chimney and pollute the air in your home.In some cases, your clay tile liner may be able to be repaired and resurfaced using the innovative HeatShield® product. Learn more about this option here!


Metal chimney liners are used mostly in new builds or when the clay tile liner of an existing chimney is beyond repair. They are incredibly durable and versatile – in fact, stainless steel liners are safe for use with wood-burning, gas, and oil appliances. Aluminum, which is relatively inexpensive, is not safe for use with all fuel types, so if you’re considering a fuel switch at any time, an aluminum liner may not be your best choice. Here at Elite Chimney NJ, we install and highly recommend Dalsin Stainless Steel Liners and M-Flex Stainless Steel Liners.

How Do I Know Which Liner I Need?

A certified chimney sweep (like the ones at Elite Chimney NJ Services) can inspect your chimney, determine the health of your existing chimney liner, discuss your use and plans, and weigh the pros and cons of each option available to you. If your liner is damaged, our techs have the knowledge and expertise to recommend a solution that will work best for your individual needs.


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